Upcoming Events

Date:27/04/2014 10:00:00

Location:VirtuousIT Bathgate office, Unit 2 Inchmuir Rd, Whitehill Ind Estate, Bathgate, EH48 2EP

Event:Road Marshall and Road Captain induction day

Description:Skills day to kick off the season for Road Marshalls and prospective Road Captains. We are still looking for two Road Captains in the South. At the moment the plan is to run this at my office. However, I do need to know numbers in advance. So if you fancy being a Road Marshall or Road Captain please register for the event. Alternatively please email Ross at webmaster@dunedinhog.com. The day will consist of some classroom theory mixed with rides to practice group riding techniques inlcuding second man drop off amongst some other stuff. The VirtuousIT office is located immediately to the left when you enter the Industrial Estate. Unit 2 Inchmuir Rd, Whitehill Ind Estate, Bathgate, EH48 2EP

Date:29/04/2014 00:00:00

Location:Macdonalds, Earls Gate, Grangemouth

Event:Tuesday Pensioners Run

Description:This is a weekly daytime run (weather permitting. Meet at Macdonalds, Earls Gate, Grangemouth at 1000hrs. Destination will be made known at meeting point. this will start on the 08th April and run weekly until the 26th August.

Date:30/04/2014 19:00:00

Location:McDonald's Forth Bridge

Event:Mid Week Trundle

Description:Mid week trundle of about 50 miles in to the countryside. Stop for chips and ice cream. Where we go will be dictated by the weather and whoever turns up. Meet for 7pm.

Thunder in the Glens News

Online registration is now open for TITG 2014. To Pre-Register click on more. Posted:05/01/2014


All Traders please contact Alistair Hogg at traders@dunedinhog.com Posted:21/03/2014

Macdonald Aviemore Hotel rates available from Menu -> TITG -> Accommodation Posted:05/01/2014

General News

Issue 60 (March 2014) of the HOG eMagazine now live! Posted:01/04/2014


Check out the links for FRIXO Road Reports. Posted:05/01/2014

Welcome to the web site of the Dunedin HOG Chapter, Edinburgh, Scotland. We are proud to be one of only two official HOG affiliated Chapters in Scotland. Indeed we were Scotland’s first and original HOG Chapter. On this web site you will find out all about us, who we are and what we are up to.

Any enquiries regarding the Chapter should be made to the Director (see Chapter Officers menu). If you would like to join the Chapter, click here . Any submissions for, or comments about, the website please use the Contact Us page.

If you are not a registered Member you cannot upload pictures to the Gallery. However, you can view the Gallery. Also you will have a restricted set of Merchandise available. To see all of the Merchandise available or upload pictures, please login.

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Chapter News

For the benefit of Chapter members who did not make it to the Perth Flying Club Chapter Meeting on Sunday; The Dunedin Chapter Parade at the 40th Scottish Transport Extravaganza on 13th July 2014 has been cancelled, due to the change in status. They have categorised us as a motoring club and want to charge an entry fee and allocate a roped off area. Posted:14/04/2014

May chapter Meeting at The Birnam Hotel on 4th May is now open for registration. The numbers are for catering purposes only. Please enter how many are attending in the box provided. Posted:17/04/2014

2014 Membership form available from Documents or you can renew or apply online. Posted:11/02/2014

Chapter Belt Buckles and Cap Badges have now been reduced in price to £11 and £8 respectively – make a nice wee gift. Posted:22/04/2014